Good run….

It only happens now and then; harsh honesty forces me to enumerate the times upon painfully few fingers.

You walk away, away from the scene, away from the ER; you gather up your gear and climb in your rig–and you know! There’s a crazy euphoria, a soaring ecstasy pummeling your heart with the knowledge that this time you did it, that what you did, where you were, who you were, made the difference.

A sly glance at the other two or three that were there with you, and yes, there’s that sweet fiery gleam in their eyes. You know; they know: inside you’re basking in an emotion which defies description while outside you go about your tasks in the most off-hand, absent-minded professional way.

Idle chit chat covers the weltering whirlwind of incomprehensible emotion; each and every one of you knows, and yet not one of you will ever say those words to each other; there’s some unspoken and secret code that once having reached this transcendent height, you never confess to having been there.

Somehow, briefly; you danced madly in the Light; moved with precision; utmost calm; submerged in stress. Time was glue, through which you sliced; pouring all that you are into all that he was.

<Where once there was death, now there is life>

“Good run.”

That’s all you’ll ever say.

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